Equipment condition monitoring

STC ENPASELECTRO focuses in the development and implementation of comprehensive engineering solutions, as well as being an initiator of the development and application of new methods of equipment diagnostics and monitoring in Ukraine. We provide services for the implementation of projects in the field of vibration diagnostics of rotating equipment and monitoring of high-voltage power equipment

STC ENPASELECTRO provide following services:

  • Vibration diagnostic testing with portable vibration and spectroanalyzer;
  • AIS and substation partial discharge analyses;
  • Analysis of dissolved gas in a transformer oil;
  • Installation of online diagnosis and monitoring system;
  • Equipment condition monitoring with portable devices;
  • Maintenance services.

We will help you:

  • To reduce equipment operating and maintenance cost
  • Timely prevent emergency situations;
  • Transfer to the maintenance and repair on the base of equipment actual state;
  • By providing competent advising on maintenance, diagnosis and commissioning of the equipment.

The main partners of our Company are the leading manufacturers of the diagnostic equipment: Bruel&Kjaer, Qualitrol, MC monitoring, Pruftechnik, Bentley Nevada, EMERSON, Iris power, Rovsing, Provibtech.

Plants (and equipment) where design, supply, installation, and commissioning services were performed (with installed monitoring and diagnostic system):

  • • Dniestrovskaya HPP (Bentley Nevada 3500);
  • • Kyivska HPP (Rovsing Openpredictor, CSI 6500);
  • • Kakhovska HPP (Rovsing Openpredictor);
  • • Kanevska HPP (CSI 6500);
  • • Dnieprovska HPP-1 (Bentley Nevada 3500);
  • • Dniestrovska HSPP (Provibtech PT2060, Bruel&Kjaer VC 600);
  • • Kyivska HSPP (CSI 6500);
  • • Kremenchugskaya HPP (Rovsing Openpredictor, CSI 6500);
  • • Dnieprovskaya HPP-2 (CSI 6500).



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