Technological automation

The Department`s scope of activity includes design and implementation of automatic control devices and systems in the energy sector. For control systems we use high quality equipment and software of leading world-know manufacturers such as: Emerson, Alstom, Andritz Hydro, ABB which provides customer confidence in high level of performed works, as well as reliable and non-failure operational process.

STC ENPASELECTRO uses the comprehensive approach to automation:

  • Instrument and control equipment replacement;
  • Application of smart sensors;
  • Priority of analog measurements over digital signaling;
  • Standard communication protocols (Modbus, Profibus).

The following projects on reconstruction of Ukrainian HPP control systems were implemented by STC ENPASELECTRO:

  • Kyivska HPP (20 hydrounits);
  • Kyivska HSPP (6 hydrounits);
  • Kanevska HPP (8 hydrounits);
  • Kremenchugska HPP (12 hydrounits + AIS 154 kV, AIS – 330kV);
  • Sridnodneprovska HPP (8 hydrounits);
  • Dnierpovska HPP-1 (9 hydrounits + AIS-154kV, AIS-300kV);
  • Dnieprovska HPP-2 (8 hydrounits);
  • Kakhovska HPP (6 hydrounits + indoor switchgear 154kV);
  • Dniestrovska HPP-1 (6 hydrounits + AIS 110/330 kV);
  • Dniestrovska HSPP (3 hydrounits)

In total there were commissioned 120 control systems for hydrounits, blocks, AIS-110kV, 154kV, 330kV, GIS-330kV, based on Alspa 80-35 (Alstom, France) and Ovation (Emerson, USA) type programmable logical controllers (PLCs)

The equipment manufactured by EMERSON were used for control systems during the reconstruction of Dnieprovsky and Dniestrovsky HPP cascades, as well as during the construction of Dniestrovskaya HPSPP, providing the following:

  • Redundancy (complete data synchronization) and bumpless transfer from the Master controller to a backup, which performed in the case of:
    • Master controller failure;
    • Network adapter failure (or during communication disruption with network switch);
    • Input-output interface failure;
    • Master controller power supply failure;
    • Master controller reset.
  • Real-time operating system operation (on the base of VxWorks).
  • Up to 5 tasks in parallel operation, operating cycle from 10ms to 10 sec.
  • Processing of up to 32000 measured and calculated process parameters.
  • Possibility to connect remote (2, 4 or 6 km) growth cabinets with input-output modules (application of FOCL);

Dniestrovska HPSPP

The full scope of works on adjustment of Dniestrovska HPSPP control systems for units GD-1, GD-2 and GD-3 , GIS-330kV controller, plant service controller were performed. Programming of controllers was performed by means of «Ovation» software and hardware. Input/output signals database, process control algorithms, graphical views (displays) has been created.


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