Relay protection and automation

Our company offers the full scope of works on commissioning and modernization of relay protection for 6-750kV substations: design of automation and protection system, manufacturing of relay protection cabinets, supply, installation of cabinets and connection of external communications, commissioning of relay protection system.

The high technical level, efficiency and quality of our services are based on the practice of the state-of-the-art technical solutions, modern technologies and equipment for the relay protection and automation systems. The main partners of the Company are leading manufacturers of relay protection and automation equipment - ABB, GE, Siemens AG.

Also, STC ENPASELECTRO offers services in testing and adjustment of the existing equipment, as for primary equipment (current transformers, voltage transformers, high-voltage testing of current leads, power circuit breakers, high voltage circuit breakers, etc.) and secondary equipment (relay protection and automation). A separate scope of STC ENPASELECTRO's activity is a design development and implementation of digital substations as an essential part of Smart Grid.

These tests are performed by using different test rigs, such as: HADES 50/70 (Ukraine), SATURN-M1 (Russian Federation), Omicron (Austria), RZA-tester (Ukraine), ISA (Italy), RET (RF).

Our specialists completed training in leading manufacturer centers and obtained certificates on performing commissioning and maintenance works of relay protection and automation equipment.

STC ENPASELECTRO offers services on implementation of "turnkey" solutions for substation automation control and monitoring systems (SAS) for 6-750 kV substations. Implementation of SAS is based on the IT solutions of MicroSCADA ABB, DS Agile GE (Alstom-GE), control of switching devices is performed via microprocessor-based relay protection and bay controllers.

Substation control systems allows to implement all the main functions for substation automation:

  • Protection of power equipment in emergency modes;
  • Control of current operating mode and substation main diagram from operator's workstation;
  • Automated control of switching devices;
  • Monitoring of the technological process and equipment state;
  • Transmission of the required amount of information to a dispatching management system;
  • Fault and disturbance recording;
  • Implementation of relay protection access to remote readjustment and analysis of emergency events.

A separate scope of STC ENPASELECTRO activity is the design development and implementation of digital substations as an essential part of smart grid.

Digital substation

Digital substation is a new generation of substations, providing digital form for arrangement of all dataflows, monitoring tasks, event analysis and control.

In order to create a complete digital substation the following components should be applied: high-voltage digital current and voltage transformers or conventional instrument transformers with digital Merging Units, microprocessor-based IED, including control and monitoring devices, relay protection and automation, emergency automation, telemechanics, power meters and etc should support IEC 61850 standard which specifies a set of rules for arrangement of event data transfer protocol.

According to IEC 61850 the main data communication protocols are MMS and GOOSE protocols. MMS is used for data communication from relay protection and automation, bay controllers and other IEDs to the substation SCADA-system for the follow-up processing and displaying, GOOSE – is for data exchange between terminals (IEDs).

Digital Substation structure

Our Company offers the following products:

Relay protection and automation cabinets for various equipment (transformers, generators, OHT lines, switchgear bays).

Emergency automation cabinets;

Fault recorder cabinets

SAS cabinets;

On the listed below facilities the design works, supply and installation of equipment were performed:

  • Dniestrovska HPP;
  • Kyivska HPP;
  • SS 330kV Pivnichna;
  • Kakhovska HPP;
  • Kyivska TPP-5;
  • Kanevska HPP;
  • SS 330kV Pivdena;
  • SS 110kV Pryluki;
  • Dneprovska HPP-1;
  • Dniestrovska HSPP;
  • Kyivska HSPP;
  • SS 330kV Kakhovska;
  • Tashlykska HSPP
  • Kyivska TPP-6;
  • Kremenchugska HPP;
  • SS 330kV DDZ;
  • Tolmachevska HPP (Russia)
  • Dneprovska HPP-2


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