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Factory acceptance tests of PMU WAMS system


Factory acceptance tests of PMU WAMS system cabinets were performed in manufacturing facilities of STC ENPASELECTRO Ltd. Tests were performed together with General Electric (GE) specialists in the presence of customer’s representatives (NPC UKRENERGO).

PMUs, synchronizers, servers, working stations were tested. The capabilities of the system in part of synchronized measurements, methods of visualization of the obtained parameters and modes of operation of the power system were demonstrated.

WAMS system implementation works for NPC UKRENERGO substations are underway under the contract of the project "Procurement of Monitoring and Control System for Smart Grid, Lot 2 Wide Area Measurement System (WAMS)". It is planned to install 42 PMU devices at 32 substations 330-750 kV.

In this project, STC ENPASELECTRO Ltd. is a subcontractor of GE in the design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of PMU cabinets, PMU project matching at substations.


Digital microprocessor equipment is widely used in modern dispatch control. One of the priorities of technological development of power systems around the world is the implementation of Wide Area Measurement Systems (WAMS-common name abroad). WAMS-systems use a well-studied method of data measurements of phasors (phase vector) in different geographically distant intersections of power lines. With appropriate software processing, the information coming from the phasor measurement devices (phasor measurement units - PMU), allows:

• to provide control centers with data on the stability of the whole system;
• to increase the reliability of power systems;
• to get the economic effect by reducing or removing restrictions on power flows in dangerous sections in real time;
• to maximize the use of economic, competitive power stations, to reduce consumer restrictions.

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