Works at the Kruonis PSP

January 28, 2019

Experts of ENPASELECTRO, together with specialists of the Lithuanian Energy Institute (Lithuania) and system operator Litgrid, have begun testing power units of thermal and hydroelectric power plants of the Lithuanian power system for compliance with the requirements of the European power system ENTSO-E for parallel operation. The first tests started at the units of the Kruonis PSP.



The Kruonis PSP is a pumped storage power plant located north of the town of Kruonis in the Kaisiadorsky region of Lithuania on the Neman River.

The first of the 4 units earned in 1992, fully commissioned in 1998, is part of Lietuvos Energija JSC.

General information:

Upper basin - 48.3 million m³;

Lower basin - 462.0 million m³: the lower basin is the reservoir of the Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant on the Neman River.

The water from the upper basin enters the building of the power plant through 4 reinforced concrete conduits with an internal diameter of 7.5 m.

Electrical capacity: turbining mode - 4 × 225 = 900 MW, pumping mode - 4 × 217 = 868 MW

IMG_3066 IMG_3071 Kruonis_HAE 1280px-Kruonis_Pumped_Storage_Plant


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